“More Wise” is a multi-session online course that introduces Respond’s “A Theory of Wisdom” in an experiential environment such that you can become more wise, mitigate foolishness and increase meaning in life.

Here we take Respond’s “A Theory of Wisdom” and experientially work with the process and direction of wisdom, then dive into “A Theory of Wisdom Practices” and work with Dialogue, Imaginal, Mindful and Embodiment practices. The course then culminates into a process of looking at ones existing practices though providing tools and structure for assessment.

This course is developed, and facilitated online by Nathan Vanderpool and Taylor Barratt of the Respond Network. Course reading materials will be provided in advance of live sessions. Registration also provides access to a growing library of materials for course participants.

Course Information

“Wisdom is NOT Optional”

Dr. John Vervaeke

But Why?

The 21st century has been characterized by multiple difficulties and threats: nuclear war, environmental degradation, climate collapse, political polarization, educational decay, social media’s attack on human attention… the list goes on. A new term has been coined to describe the current situation: “meta-crisis”.

Meta-Crisis: the multiple overlapping and interconnected global crises that our nascent planetary culture faces.

– Daniel Thorson, Emerge Podcast, Respond Member

Respond believes that the meta-crisis is in large part due to a lack of wisdom and wisdom is the antidote to foolishness.

Respond’s theory of wisdom offers principles that explain the activity of becoming “more wise” from within a scientific worldview. The theory is a compression of vast and wide-ranging work, and enables you to talk about wisdom in plain language.

Why develop an ecology of practices?

Wisdom Practices put the theory into action—they are tools that help us become more wise.

The “More Wise” course outlines four capacities that allow you to navigate complexity and increase meaning in your life. An Ecology of Practices (EoP) is like a workout routine—you use specific machines at the gym to work groups of muscles. Taken together, this process unlocks your genetic potential to say, compete in an Triathlon. A well rounded EoP helps you access your personal wisdom and participate more skillfully in the game of life.

You will receive materials beforehand. That way, we can maximize exercises, group practices, and Q&A in our time together.


Cost:  €225 / $250USD / $300CAD

Dates: TBD – (Mid 2024)

Facilitators: Nathan Vanderpool (Respond) and Taylor Barratt (ART / Dialog-OS)

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