Respond on meta-curriculum, august retreats, q&a and more.

Nathan Vanderpool w/John Vervaeke, Bonnitta Roy, Steve March, Layman Pascal, Soryu Forall and Taylor Barratt – Moderated by Robert Gray and Gregg Henriques – Recorded March 18th, 2023 @ the UTOK Consilience Conference

The articles mentioned in the talk can be found here – “Respond Presents: A Theory of Wisdom“.

What is Respond?

Respond is an initiative to address the meta-crisis by researching and cultivating wisdom.

The 21st century has been characterized by multiple difficulties and threats: nuclear war, environmental degradation, climate collapse, political polarization, educational decay, social media’s attack on human attention… the list goes on. A new term has been coined to describe the current situation: “meta-crisis”.

Meta-Crisis: the multiple overlapping and interconnected global crises that our nascent planetary culture faces.

– Daniel Thorson, Emerge Podcast

But what do all of these crises have in common? They result from a lack of wisdom.

Wisdom: a process of harmonizing view, care, and action. Wisdom deepens through “tuning in“ to well-being in relationships.

– Respond Network

Real World Change

Respond is a network of researchers and practitioners. We develop and employ ecologies of practices (EoP) for personal and systemic transformation. Participants wrestle in good faith with the problem of cultivating wisdom in a time of planetary crisis, staying close to actual experience and pragmatic solutions.

The Respond network gathers expert theorists and practitioners in the field of wisdom and transformation. We are building a meta-curriculum to implement in existing communities, organizations, and institutions. Our aim is to shift the growing energy and interest in the conversation around wisdom away from mere discussion and into action.

A short list of Respond participants:


Currently, you can join Respond in growing wisdom through our multi-session course “More Wise” or our in-person retreats.

More Wise – How to Practice for Wisdom

“More Wise” is a multi-session online course that introduces Respond’s “A Theory of Wisdom” and “A Theory of Wisdom Practice” in an experiential environment such that you can become more wise, mitigate foolishness and increase meaning in life.

Dates: TBA